Font Fuel is live!
Please take a look around. I hope you enjoy using my type fuel as much as I like make it. Let me know if I can help you with anything.

Font Fuel's home is now alive

Font Fuel's home, in the form of this website, is now alive and kicking. I put this website together to serve as a central location for all my type related work.

Posted on Apr 18, 2017

Grungy old- typewriter new font
Rough, grungy and vintage, the Grungy Old Typewriter look will give any design a unique feel.

Grungy Old Typewriter Font Family

Grungy Old Typewriter is based on two typed letters, each on two pages and dated 1901. The results are eroded, rough, irregular and grungy.

Posted on Apr 9, 2017

Designer Notes Free Font
Designer Notes is my very first publically shared font. It's been a popular dispaly font right from the begining.

Designer Notes FREE Popular Font

Designer Notes is the result of a personal project that had been on my to-do list for a long time. It was over 8 years ago that I made this my very first publically available font. I wanted a font that matched the appearance of...

Posted on Apr 8, 2017

Designer Notes Pro font
Designer Notes Pro font family is a full Latin set of 228 characters/glyphs. Somethign for everyone.

GO PRO with Designer Notes Pro

Trying for a “take a note” appearance? Easily typeset handwritten look using Designer Notes Pro . The font captures the look of handwritten notes on a notepad, post it note or diary. The letter's design are based on letter captured using a Pilot...

Posted on Apr 8, 2017

Angie Lou font by Font Fuel
Angie Lou is informal and fun. It marvels the eye with its clean rhythm.

Angie Lou Font

Font Fuel's Angie Lou is a contemporary informal typeface. Surprising the eye with its clean rhythm.

Posted on Apr 7, 2017

Leaves font by Font Fuel
Leaves fonts have countless uses.

Leaves Symbol Font

This is a leaves symbols font. Font elements are created from a base set of leaves. What that means is they work perfectly together. Professional artists and designers will appreciate all the ways you can combine these elements or use a single one...

Posted on Apr 7, 2017